Dr. Vivek Tripathi

Consultant Neurologist, Ex Senior Resident at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital,Safdarjung Hospital

Name: Dr. Vivek Tripathi

Speciality: NeuroPhysician

Qualification: MBBS, DNB Medicine, DNB - Neurology

Experience: 5 + Years

Phone: +917392879710

Email: todr.vivek2282@gmail.com

Registration No: 8327



Comprehensive management strategies, including vestibular rehabilitation, medication, and lifestyle adjustments, to alleviate vertigo symptoms and improve balance.


Urgent interventions such as thrombolytic therapy and rehabilitation programs to minimize brain damage, facilitate recovery, and enhance quality of life post-stroke.


Tailored care plans incorporating medication management, cognitive stimulation programs, and behavioral therapies to improve symptoms and support individuals with dementia.


Identification of triggers, personalized treatment plans including medications and interventions like nerve blocks or Botox injections, to alleviate headache symptoms and improve quality of life.


Multifaceted approach involving pain medications, physical therapy, nerve stimulation techniques, and lifestyle modifications to manage neuropathic pain and prevent complications.


Individualized treatment regimens incorporating antiepileptic drugs, dietary therapy, and surgical interventions to control seizures and enhance overall well-being.

Online Consultation

We have Online Consultation facility you Can book appointment to call at 7392879710 number you will get immediate help (ONLINE CONSULTATION FEE 1000/-)


Multiple sclerosis treatment

Disease-modifying medications, symptom management strategies, and rehabilitation therapies aimed at slowing disease progression, managing symptoms, and optimizing function.

Spondylitis treatment

Utilization of anti-inflammatory medications, corticosteroids, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications to alleviate pain and inflammation associated with spondylitis, aiming for improved mobility and function.

Parkinson's disease management

Medication management, physical therapy, and surgical interventions such as deep brain stimulation to manage motor symptoms and improve quality of life for patients with Parkinson's disease.



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